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    Fortis Consulting Services focuses on providing high quality IT professional consulting to a variety public and private-sector organizations.

    Our group concentrates on innovative solutions in government and corporate arenas. The vast number of technological methods offered by our company allows for rapid execution of large scale projects.

About our company

Fortis Consulting Services Corp. was founded in 2013 and provides strong, reliable and modern solutions in information technology management. With over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, our staff members will help your business exceed its goals and generate value through the use of technology.

Fortis Consulting Services provides program management, business metrics, transformation strategy, shared application management, and capacity management services. We also provide business intelligence, corporate information technology, regulatory compliance services, content management solutions, internet/intranet, and portal solutions, and structured content management services.


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Network Design 5 NY Borough

Fortis has planned, designed, and implemented an optimum networking solution for the entire 5 NY Borough ITS infrastructure. The solution included a network security perimeter architecture with multiple layers of defense, up-to-date and hardened policies and controls, and segmentation. Our rock-solid design ensured reliable communication with 2000+ RTMS’s and tag readers, 300+ cameras, and 100+ DMSs/PDMSs and HARs. Fortis has also provided a ready to use platform for the expansion of the ITS mobility initiatives.

NYC Citywide Inter-Agency Video Sharing

Fortis has designed and implemented innovative solutions for video sharing between over a dozen multi-jurisdictional partners. We provide our clients with the ability to react quickly during emergency situations by creating a common operating picture. Using our products and solutions, agency command centers can dispatch proper resources to respond to events or incidents in order to protect the public and infrastructure. Our system was successfully utilized during major NYC events such as: Super Bowl XLVIII (New York/New Jersey), NYC Marathons, New Year’s Eve Ball drop in Times Square, UN General Assembly and Pope Francis USA visit.

Borderless Assets Management

Our clients benefit from using a flexible and highly customizable interface which allows clients to manage assets regardless of their specializations. Fortis developed the advanced Assets Management Portal (AMP) which is scalable to account hundreds of thousands of belongings and includes unique capabilities to account for assets using built-in properties that self-expand by creating new characteristics without the need for re-coding.

“Green” Data Center

Fortis has provided custom award-winning solutions to optimize and renovate our client’s data centers to be compliant with “Green Data Center” standards. According to NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s series of innovative clean energy and environmental initiatives, Fortis has implemented different components in the data centers such as mercury-less and lower power consumption video walls and other HP ENERGY STAR® qualified products.



Fortis provides comprehensive video solutions such as video wall design and integration, inter-agency and inter-organization video sharing, and centralized video management and control. Our unique and secure video thin-client solution is widely used by numerous agencies on the East Coast of the United States.


With a strong, experienced and powerful networking team, Fortis provides a variety of high-level design and planning services, construction of reliable and high-performing networks integrating LAN, WAN, Internet, and intranet components entailing network modeling and analysis.

Application Development

With our broad experience in designing mobile interfaces, Fortis builds native applications straight into iOS and Android that can be integrated with existing systems. We specialize in website design, responsive website design, and website redesign and maintenance. We have extensive experience on single page applications design.


Fortis Consulting Services Corp’s most valuable asset is the wealth of expertise we have gained in our 20+ years of IT management. This helps our company to persist in being one step ahead of the competition.

We specialize in multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Fortis is currently working extensively with several clients on the design and construction of ITS applications. Fortis headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York with two satellite offices located in Queens, New York and Delaware.

Our experienced network team primarily concentrates on supporting different types of TOC’s and TMC’s. Our company is committed to green energy initiatives, and providing various types of solutions for the transportation facilities.


Open vacancies:



  • Responsible for the overall sales process from customer contact to contract signature.
  • Able to prepare and execute sales plans independently.
  • Work with the sales and business development team to determine the overall sales strategy for the North American and European markets, and identity which projects are interesting, and position the North America-Europe Sales Team (NEST) at those clients in an early phase of the project.
  • Work with the tender manager and the proposal team to determine the proposal strategy and prepare the quotation.
  • Responsible for determining the market price and selling price in consultation with NEST management.
  • Present quotations to clients and conduct contract negotiations.
  • Be the liaison with key customers on current and future projects, and be able to translate technical developments at the customer and specific customer needs into NEST internal requirements, actions, and targets.
  • Meet company and business unit gross margin objectives.
  • Develop assigned accounts and/or territories, and develop account plans which include profiling accounts, setting account objectives, and executing action steps.
  • Follow all processes, work practices, and procedures for the US office required to sell and estimate projects to meet NEST’s management and quality requirements with the lowest possible risks.
  • Travel: Four trips annually to the Ukraine for 7-10 business days, and additional trips domestically and internationally based on business needs.
  • Telecommuting: can work remotely in New York but must report to NY office as primary worksite.


  • Master’s Degree in Business, Business Administration, Management or related field plus 5 years minimum experience. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience acceptable.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit, proven record of sales excellence, ability to meet/exceed quotas, and take the business to the next level.
  • Strategic thinker with the ability to create long-term sales plans and execute them.
  • Ability to work independently without supervision. Affinity for dealing with different cultures is required.
  • Willing to travel both nationally and internationally including to the Ukraine.


To apply online please send resumes and cover letters to the info@fortis-cs.com
To apply via FAX please send resumes and cover letters to (888) 279-4479

To apply via mail please send cover letter and resume to the Fortis Consulting Services Corp. at 119-40 Metropolitan Avenue, Unit CU2 – Suite 101B, Kew Gardens, NY 11415. Attn: HR

its development

Fortis Consulting Services, Corp focuses on multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), including development of “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite which was designed to unite different types of ITS software.

Benefits of using “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite include but not limited to modular/multiplatform support, effortless integration within existing systems, as well as portal interaction and interoperability.

“OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite consists of Incident Management Portal (IMP), Traveler Information Portal (TIP), Assets Management Portal (AMP), Connection Management Portal (CMP), Help Desk Portal (HDP), NTCIP Device Tester and following modules: ITS Map, Reporting, Security, Archiving, C2C, Mobile, Alarm and Notification. Fortis “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite was developed in accordance with latest TMDD, NTCIP and other industry standards, and compatible with the latest COTS operating systems.

Road Weather Information Portal (RWIP), Road Management Portal (RMP), 511 Interface Portal, Adaptive Traffic Control Portal, and Traffic Signal Priority Portal are under development


Incident Management Portal (IMP) Features:


Incidents Management Portal is a modern software application that manages traffic events and securely shares incident data between agencies.

IMP provides agencies and operations groups with a convenient way to record traffic events right from the map interface, manage planned events (VIP visits, annual marathons or parades) that will impact traffic, and register temporary lane or street closures (such as road works and constructions).

IMP’s well organized interface includes customizable predefined lists and advanced searching and filtering tools which allow operators to register new events in just seconds.

IMP is also powered by an intelligent event deduplication engine which allows authorized users to merge and split duplicate incidents as well as close and reopen existing records.

The Center to Center (C2C) module of IPM is an efficient way to securely exchange incident data between multiple partner agencies. Aside from standard features, IMP provides an enhanced on-demand emailing functionality which allows operators to notify authorized users about specific incidents and send auto generated emails with every incident status change.

Built-in security with configurable user privileges and system roles provides flexibility to limit access in every section of the portal and grant appropriate rights to system administrators and device operators.


Assets Management Portal (AMP) Features:


Assets Management Portal is a best in class assets management and tracking tool.

If you are tired of assets management software that is narrowly focused on a specific industry and your organization needs a solution to provide a complete inventory, AMP is the right choice!

AMP is a web portal powered by advanced tools which allow end users to restructure the application interface, create and modify asset properties, register new asset categories/groups, and clone and move assets between groups without affecting data stored in the application.

Aside from offering standard options, AMP also comes with unique features such as secure inter-portal data access, financial data integrity and budgetary reports, and a map-based view of geocoded enabled assets.


Traveler Information Portal (TIP) Features:


Traveler Information Portal is our innovative approach and industry-leading platform for DMS and HAR management.

TIP is powered by a highly customizable user interface which is built on the latest web technologies and support most modern web browsers. TIP provides an interactive MAP view for all registered devices as well as in-map device management.

Robust architecture provides scalability to manage any installations types, from a single DMS to large, centrally operated systems.

Built-in security with configurable user privileges and system roles provides flexibility to limit access to every section of the portal and grant appropriate rights to system administrators and device operators.

Certified Vendors: SWARCO, Daktronics, SESA, MARK IV, Skyline, Vultron, AMSIG, WANCO, M.H.Corbin


NTCIP Tester Features:


NTCIP Device Tester is a modern DMS/VMS management and NTCIP 1203 v3 compliance certification instrument.

It is our innovative approach to device management.

NTCIP Device Tester is a lightweight desktop application which allows system integrators, manufacturers, and end users to test DMS/VMS devices for NTCIP compliance, quickly identify and troubleshoot hardware failures, discover device parameters and configure system settings, manage sign messages, fonts, graphics, actions, schedules, illumination/brightness values, environmental parameters and execute pixel tests.

NTCIP Device Tester contains a convenient and well organized user interface split into multiple functional sections as well as an output window containing formatted and exportable action logs.


Communications Management Portal (CMP) Features:


Connections Management Portal is a complete solution for agency cable management.

CMP is a comprehensive map based software developed to help agencies manage and control their growing wiring infrastructure, including leased circuits, fiber termination points, splice boots, indoor/outdoor interconnections, patch panels and device ports.

CMP provides views of cable infrastructure and detailed schemas for a complete cable route. CMP also provides additional information such as cable labels and OTDR readings, connected assets, conduits, boots, manholes and ducts.

Asset to infrastructure mapping tools and an intelligent path generation engine deliver hop-by-hop visibility of cable routes and simplify the troubleshooting process.

Aside from offering standard options, CMP comes with unique features such as a work order generator and connection to the Help Desk Portal (HDP) for trouble ticket management


Help Desk Portal (HDP) Features:


Helpdesk Portal is a best in class ticketing and incidents tracking tool.

HDP is an innovative solution for automated case management which helps agencies and organizations to timely resolve incidents, open and assign trouble tickets, manage knowledge base and common resolution library.

HDP is a web portal powered by advanced email notifications and contacts management tools, customizable system roles and user privileges, including flexible reporting, logging and statistics modules.

Aside from offering its standard options, HDP also comes with unique features such as secure inter-portal data access and data integrity. Map-based view of geocode enabled assets allows operation group to open trouble tickets towards the selected asset right from the map interface and to have asset related information automatically populated into the new ticket body.





The alarm module is designed as a high-performance and cost-effective tool to keep ITS equipment safe by monitoring ITS device health and communication statuses, and triggering alarms when equipment is malfunctioning. Users can create custom alarms and send notifications to a customizable list of system users and administrators. The system keeps logs of triggered alarms and provides historical data for day-to- day operational analysis and system performance measurement reports.




The map module provides real-time information on both ITS infrastructure management and traffic and road conditions information. The module includes location and current communication status for ITS equipment (Traffic Controllers, Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radios, weather sensors, CCTV’s, RTMS’s, fiber and wireless infrastructure), as well as traffic and road conditions, travel time, incidents, constructions, and special events. Users can register new devices and events with pinpoint accuracy using the unified user interface. The map supports geocoded multi-mode provisioning and supports address mode, intersection mode, landmarks, and mixed mode.




The notification module delivers a flexible approach for customizable, extensible and dynamic notification services, eliminates a need for multiple notification engines and provides the capability to use scheduled and on-demand notifications regardless of type of alerts triggered and generated by the system’s alarm module. Users can send SMS text messages or emails in various document formats (including attachments and images) to customizable distribution and notification lists by using the contact and groups management tool which allows users to define new, update, and delete existing distribution and notification lists.




The reporting module is an intelligent software tool that allows users to create a vast variety of reports. The module includes advanced analytics and comprises user profiles. Users can select from predefined templates or design their own reports using user defined conditions and filtering options. Reports can be converted to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF. The reporting module can schedule automated reports to be distributed to customizable distribution lists.




The security module is a granular feature which allows users to view, edit, and manage security of ITS assets. Following the latest industry security guidelines, the security module is flexible and customizable, and privileges can be assigned per user.




Following USDOT Federal Highway Administration standards, the archiving module stores up to ten years of data. As agencies and other transportation planners are moving away from manual collection and modular data, our top of the line archiving module provides up to ten years of stored data to help with “real-time” management and decision making.




Built to abide by NTCIP and TMDD standards, the C2C module can connect several agencies in a wide area network to exchange coordination and management data. Agencies can share various types of real-time data, including traffic incidents/events, ITS hardware/software statuses, and other customizable notifications.




All of Fortis ITS Orchestrator portals and modules are mobile-ready and accessible by computer, cell phone, or tablet.


Performance Measurement


The performance measures module helps agencies meet their goals by keeping track of various data, including traffic incidents, equipment statuses, database entries, notifications, and other measurable assets. This best-in- class module assists agencies in evaluating their efficiency and effectiveness by providing detailed customizable reports.




The training module is a simulation module which allows users to experiment and explore equipment in a complete test environment. Test incidents can be opened in the database, test messages can be run on DMS/VMS, and test notifications can be sent to customizable user groups.


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