Incident Management Portal (IMP)


IMP is a modern software application that manages traffic events and securely shares incident data between agencies.

IMP provides agencies and operational groups with a convenient way to record traffic events directly from the map interface, manage planned events (VIP visits, annual marathons, parades) that will impact traffic, and register temporary lane or street closures such as road works and constructions.

IMP’s well-organized interface includes customizable predefined lists as well as advanced searching and filtering tools which allow operators to register new events in just seconds.

IMP is powered by an intelligent event deduplication engine which allows authorized users to merge and split duplicate incidents as well as close and reopen existing records.

The Center to Center (C2C) module of IMP is an efficient way to securely exchange incident data between multiple partner agencies. Aside from standard features, IMP provides an enhanced on-demand emailing functionality which allows operators to notify authorized users about specific incidents and send auto-generated emails with every incident status change.

Built-in security with configurable user privileges and system roles provides flexibility to limit access in every section of the portal and grant appropriate rights to system administrators and device operators.