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Bronx/Queens Over-Height Vehicle Detection (OHVD) project

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Network Design 5 NY Borough

ITS Development

Fortis Consulting Services, Corp focuses on multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), including development of “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite which was designed to unite different types of ITS software.

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Benefits of using “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite include but not limited to modular/multiplatform support, effortless integration within existing systems, as well as portal interaction and interoperability.

“OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite consists of Incident Management Portal (IMP), Traveler Information Portal (TIP), Assets Management Portal (AMP), Connection Management Portal (CMP), Help Desk Portal (HDP), NTCIP Device Tester and following modules: ITS Map, Reporting, Security, Archiving, C2C, Mobile, Alarm and Notification. Fortis “OPEK ITS Orchestrator” suite was developed in accordance with latest TMDD, NTCIP and other industry standards, and compatible with the latest COTS operating systems.

Road Weather Information Portal (RWIP), Road Management Portal (RMP), 511 Interface Portal, Adaptive Traffic Control Portal, and Traffic Signal Priority Portal are under development.

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We specialize in multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Fortis is currently working extensively with several clients on the design and construction of ITS applications. Fortis headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York with two satellite offices located in Queens, New York and Delaware.



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