ITS Development

Fortis Consulting Services, Corp focuses on multiple aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), including the development of “OPEK ITS Orchestrator™” suite which is designed to unite different types of ITS software.

Some benefits of using “OPEK ITS Orchestrator™” suite include (but are not limited to) modular/multiplatform support, effortless integration within existing systems, and portal interaction and interoperability.
“OPEK ITS Orchestrator™” suite includes a variety of portals and modules with highly autonomous and scalable designs that provide a unique capability to manage, operate and maintain ITS systems from a single interface.


Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) portal control heterogynous LED signs, displays information in both in visual format and with push-button audible technology, including text-to-voice capability.
Weather Information Portal (WIP)
WIP is a modern interface which monitors and consolidates the status of outdoor weather sensors installed in various locations including highways, exit ramps, bridges, tunnels and airports.
Work Orders Portal (WOP)
Features of WOP will help companies increase productivity and improve response time. WOP can generate and track work orders, notify maintenance crews via standard email templates/web forms, dispatch jobs, schedule maintenance tasks, automate job reminders, and assign pre-work and post-work procedures.
Poles Management Portal (PMP)
Repair Management Portal (RMP)
RMP is a set of instruments and advanced data query tools developed to collect, parse and format data from multiple systems, and display the status of repair tasks in a grid view or geo map.
Help Desk Management Portal (HDP)
HDP is an innovative solution for automated case management which helps agencies and organizations to timely resolve incidents, open and assign trouble tickets, manage a knowledge base and common resolution library.
Connection Management Portal (CMP)
CMP is a comprehensive map-based software developed to help agencies manage and control their growing wiring infrastructure, including leased circuits, fiber termination points, splice boots, indoor/outdoor interconnections, patch panels and device ports.
Traveler Information Portal (TIP)
TIP is our innovative approach and industry-leading platform for DMS and HAR management powered by a highly customizable user interface.
Assets Management Portal (AMP)
AMP is a best in class assets management and a tracking tool that provides options to restructure the application interface, create and modify asset properties, register new asset categories/groups, clone and move assets between groups without affecting data stored in the application.
Incident Management Portal (IMP)
IMP is a modern software application that manages traffic events and securely shares incident data between agencies.


The monitoring module is an instrument which verifies and collects device heal status statistics.
The discovery module is a built-in feature of the Assets Management Portal (AMP) which uses manufacturer supplied MIBs to detect device properties and common parameters. It generates ready to import data files.
The training module is a simulation module which allows users to experiment and explore equipment in a complete test environment.
Performance Measurement
The Performance Measures module helps agencies meet their goals by keeping track of various data including traffic incidents, equipment statuses, database entries, notifications, and other measurable assets.
All of Fortis ITS Orchestrator portals and modules are mobile-ready and accessible by computer, cell phone, or tablet.
Built to abide by NTCIP and TMDD standards, the C2C module can connect several agencies in a wide area network to exchange coordination and management data.
Following USDOT Federal Highway Administration standards, the archiving module stores up to ten years of data.
The security module is a granular feature which allows users to view, edit, and manage the security of ITS assets.
The reporting module is an intelligent software tool that allows users to create a vast variety of reports. The module includes advanced analytics and comprises user profiles.
The notification module delivers a flexible approach for customizable, extensible and dynamic notification services, eliminates a need for multiple notification engines and provides the capability to use scheduled and on-demand notifications regardless of the type of alerts triggered and generated by the system’s alarm module.
The Map module provides real-time information on both ITS infrastructure management and traffic and road condition information.
The alarm module is designed as a high-performance and cost-effective tool to keep ITS equipment safe by monitoring ITS device health and communication statuses, and triggering alarms when equipment is malfunctioning.


Connected Vehicles - Assets Management System (CV-AMS)
Overheight Vehicle Detection System (OHVDS)