NTCIP Solutions*

To simplify testing procedures for NTCIP compliant devices Fortis developed a light weight utility called “NTCIP Device Tester” which helps system integrators, manufacturers, and end users to run series of NTCIP compliance tests, identify and troubleshoot hardware failures.NTCIP Device Tester contains a convenient and well-organized user interface split into multiple functional sections as well as an output window containing formatted and exportable action logs.

*Any NTCIP related wording, standards or copyrights belong to NTCIP

NTCIP 1203 v03 (Dynamic Message Signs)

Use NTCIP Device Tester to discover DMS parameters and configure system settings, verify device status, manage sign messages, fonts, graphics, actions, schedules, illumination/brightness values, environmental parameters and execute pixel tests. 

NTCIP 1205 v01 (Closed Circuit Television Camera Control)

Use NTCIP Device Tester to discover NTCIP options supported by CCTV device, retrieve current screenshot or live video, control presets and configure PTZ settings, configure input and output thresholds, modify power, wiper, lens settings, verify device status and apply labels.